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I don't know about this Kyle Reese guy, but disconnecting from pain is a lot easier said than done. Not that it CAN'T be done, it's just not that easy.

Example? Being shot with a zat. You get zatted, you go down. You're out. For how long, it depends, really. Usually a good fifteen minutes, maybe ten if you're Teal'c. Dad's usually the one to get hit with a zat. I don't know why, but people are fond of shooting him with electricity.

But when you wake up? You ache. The amount of voltage that goes through you isn't enough to kill you, not at first. A second hit after the first will kill you. But the first just makes you sore and a bit twitchy. That's experience talking.

Another example would be a staff weapon. Think a massive beam of Goa'uld super laser coming out of a large stick. Yeah, not fun. It's more of a burn than a gunshot, but it hurts more, too. It's not a clean wound and it's larger. It's more painful. And yes, that's experience talking. That's the scar on my right shoulder blade. I miss you, Conner.

Being shot with a gun is no walk in the park. No, I haven't been shot with a gun. But Mom has. And Dad has. And Cam has. And Teal'c has. And to be quite honest, it's not something I'm looking forward to. But each of them has also taken a hit with the previous two methods of "OUCH" and that brings us to the Goa'uld firestick.

Mom and Teal'c.

I don't know about what happened to Teal'c and I don't want to ask. I know Mom died. A lot. I know Ba'al brought her back to life with the sarcophagus. A lot. I know that he beat her and used that firestick on her for four months until she escaped. And I know that that was the reason she wasn't supposed to have kids. Not until that last trip with Nef.

I never asked either of them about disconnecting from the pain. I had a hard enough time limping back through the Gate after a mission where all we had to do was run. Where maybe I got into a fist fight with someone. Being zatted isn't fun. Knocking around a Sodan stick isn't a piece of cake. Getting shot with a staff weapon or a P90 is going to hurt like a sonofabitch.

And when it comes to controlling pain, I'd rather knock back a couple of vicodin than try to disconnect. No offense to Mr. Reese.

Hattie Jackson-Knight
Stargate OC
472 Words
PROMPT: Pain can be controlled, you just disconnect it. ~ Kyle Reese, Terminator
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When you wake up, you're tender. Sore, even, but you can't place the feeling.

Fumbling, the clock falls and you see that you've been asleep maybe two hours, but that doesn't fit. It doesn't make sense. None of it makes sense, even if makes you feel warm, contented. It feels wrong, though, that your mind has filled in gaps you didn't know were there. Gaps that shouldn't have existed. Perhaps, and this is your father speaking, there is more to our instinct than we give the human race credit for.

You didn't tell him everything, how could you? What would you have said? It makes less sense as time goes on and time DOES go on.

When the memories DO hit, sometimes they're fierce, sometimes they produce a longing, sometimes it's a fondness... and after even more time, they come less frequent until you forget that you're supposed to remember.

Your 18th birthday comes and he kisses you, how can he not? You've become the beautiful, smart, enchanting woman you were meant to become. Nothing can change that, not even far away dreams. And though he kisses your shoulder, your breast, your hip... you feel empty and say goodnight.

It happens eventually, how can it not? There are so few of you and you've had a crush on him since you were eleven and saw him with no shirt on. But that love you swore to at twelve was not there at fourteen and when he kissed you, was he lacking love?

You go home, things fall into place as they do, and eventually you come across that voice again. Manifested on a computer screen, no less, and the irony is lost on you. You don't remember, not yet, but you will and you leave without hesitation.

No fear, no doubt, no worries.

You're not turned off in the slightest at the sight of him, how could you be? He loves you, he always has. He doesn't know it yet and you don't remember. But he will and you will and as the universe plays out the way it's supposed to, all things fall into place.
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1) are your parents married or divorced?
Finally married

2) vegetarian?
Not a chance

3) heaven?
It might exist.

4) come close to dying?
On more than one occasion.

5) what jewelry do you wear?
I wear my wedding ring, my engagement ring, and a pair of earrings, always.

More facts )
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The sun was probably just about to rise, Hattie could feel it. It was hovering right there, she knew, because Kitt had just slipped out of bed. She always felt him shift, which woke her, then he kissed her forehead, which made her smile, and then he slipped out of bed, which made her sigh and move into the spot he had vacated, tucking his pillow under her head.

Once the water had started, she opened her eyes and blinked at the curtains that were still shut and gave a slow smile. The baby had slept through most of the night and, as far as she could tell, was still asleep. Biting her lip, she threw the covers back and padded across their massive bedroom toward their massive bathroom, pulling her nightshirt over her head as she walked.

Pushing open the door, she dropped the shirt on the floor and pushed her hair back before pulling the frosted glass door open and giving her husband a shy smile.

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Hattie was waiting outside of O'Malley's, unsure of how one waited for a new friend like hers, exactly. She figured outside would be best, since, well... table? Playing pool? Not normally how one would converse with a car, right?

So, outside she waited after making sure that he'd be in Colorado Springs. She had driven her mother's car into town and was now standing on the sidewalk in a pair of jeans and a sweater, her coat buttoned up as tight as it could be. Snow was falling lightly and she shivered just a little.

He had the location, O'Malley's, in Colorado Springs. He was becoming an expert with making excuses for getting away unchaperoned. He had a general description of what Hattie looked like.

Piece of cake.

When he spotted the young woman shivering on the sidewalk, he upped the heat in the cabin a notch before pulling up to the curb and easing open the driver's side door.

"I hope you weren't waiting long."

Later, she realized that she would have waited forever )
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The scenery, as usual, was gorgeous. KITT knew all the best driving routes up and down the Coast and Hattie was more than content to watch the mountains on one side and the water on the other. With the windows on the Trans-Am down, the wind kept her from getting too warm and, usually, the company was quite agreeable.

Not today.

"Another one?" It was obvious she was exasperated.

"Yes. In fact, I think that makes the score nine to two," came the smug reply from the voice box.

Hattie narrowed her eyes at the flashing red lights as if she could work out the trick behind KITT's success just by staring at his dashboard. There was no way he should be winning. Well, she conceded none-too-gracefully in her head, winning is one thing. This is a blowout.

"I'll make it up, just wait," she challenged him, settling in and looking back out the window and closing her eyes for a moment.

"I would not be so certain, Hattie. Especially if you're going to sit there with your eyes closed."

Hattie sat up again and this time she opted for glaring at his dash. "Now you're just being a sore winner."

"Is there such a thing?"

"I'll get you," she promised.

Several more miles went by before KITT said, with clear glee in his voice (she could tell, yes. She could.), "Punch buggy."

"What? Where?" Hattie sat up and leaned forward, just as the cute car came around the bend up ahead. Her jaw dropped. "Are you CHEATING?" There was silence from the car. "KITT. Using your scanners to see what's coming is cheating. I can't believe you've been doing that this whole time!"

She couldn't help the indignant laughter that escaped and KITT said, "I do not see how using all the available resources at hand counts as cheating, Hattie."

"Oh, so THAT'S how it's going to be. Well, you just wait and see how I use MY available resources to deny you later tonight." She sat back and crossed her arms over her chest. "Cheating. At PUNCH BUGGY. I can't believe-" And she was laughing again. "You're horrible."

"On the contrary," he said in that same smug tone. "I'm winning."

Hattie Jackson-Knight
Stargate OC
395 Words
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((OOC: This is from an old log done way back when [Jan 08] that was lost in the move to IJ. This was redone from the emails I found in my inbox and reposted because it's one of my FAVORITE logs and I love them so very, very much.))

Her eyes narrowed, not in suspicion, but confusion and she peered at him. Something about him was familiar and she took a deep breath.

"How do you know me?"

He looked up at her, meeting her eyes for the first time, then glanced around quickly.

"It would have been a lot easier if I had just driven off."

Hattie's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. It took a a moment to find her voice, and when she did, it had turned into a whisper.


This is LONG and there is SEX )
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Hattie had put the finishing touches on the nursery a week prior and had spent the last week out of the house every day. The first? She'd had lunch with Kitt at the office. The second? Mani-pedi's at the nicest salon in London. The third? She'd had lunch in an upscale restaurant, sampling from their dessert menu. The fourth? She'd gone to the park and walked around, doing anything she could to put herself into labor. The fifth? She'd bought another round of blankets, sleepers, onesies and bottles and gone back home to redo the nursery again.

When Kitt had come home that night, she'd had dinner waiting. The staff had been dismissed early that afternoon and she'd spent the evening scrubbing the kitchen and making dinner, just for her husband.

Then? She took him to bed. Or, rather, she let him take her to bed. It didn't matter. When they were together, in their bed, the world stopped for her and she lost herself in his every touch.

He'd kissed her bare shoulder goodbye the next morning and she mumbled how much she loved him. She only woke when it became obvious that the household was going to continue making noise, no matter how much she wanted them to be silent. She dragged herself into the shower at noon and luxuriated under the spray, taking time to wash her hair and soap her body.

It was while reaching up to rinse the conditioner out of her hair that she felt a rush between her legs. Looking down, she didn't seen anything different, but just then, her entire stomach shifted and she was hit by a cramp.

"Oh, no. No, no, no." She held onto the rail in the shower until it passed and then she pulled two fluffy pillows off the rack. "Gotta call- Call, um-"

In the bedroom, she hit the speed-dial for Kitt's direct line, knowing it was lunchtime.
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A moment passed.



Another moment passed, but this time, she didn't take her eyes off of him. The small smile she knew she had on her face was mimicked on his, and then? He was grinning at her. She broke into a laugh and asked for a third time, "WHAT?!"

He took the step that closed the distance between them and buried his face in her neck while she giggled. She knew exactly 'what' and he knew that. Still, it was one of those moments that has to be savored. That's pondered quietly for long minutes. Unless, of course, you were stuck in an elevator going down thirty floors while being stared at by your new and very attentive husband. Like she was.

"That was our baby."

"I know it was."

"Our son."

She laughed again, struck by a sudden swell of love for the man next to her. "Yes. Our son."

Then he was hugging her again and there was more giggling. Neither one of them noticed the pressure change or the doors opening. Not at first. It wasn't until the man outside cleared his throat that she looked over her shoulder, still half-bent over backwards from where her husband had been nuzzling her throat. Her face flushed and she stood, brushing her maternity shirt over her five-months rounded belly.

Taking his hand, she pulled her husband along with her, his blush matching hers. At the curb, she took both his cheeks in her hands and kissed him sweetly. "I love you. You're going to make an amazing father." There was no sentimentality in her tone, just pure fact. "I know it."

"I'll," he looked around, "I'll go get the car."

She nodded and watched him head toward the underground parking garage. Folding her hands across her stomach, she rubbed gently, her smile softening. Their baby. Their son. He was going to be perfect, just like his father. A woman standing at the curb saw the motion and asked, "Your first?"

Hattie nodded. "Yes."

"Do you know what you're going to have?"

"A boy."

The woman nodded. "Your husband must be thrilled."

Hattie smiled. "He'd be happy with healthy."

Just then, a sleek black car made it's entrance. Hattie's smile turned up a notch. "That's him. Right there."

"Nice car," the woman said. "You'll have to get something more baby-friendly before the big day."

Hattie ran her hand along the hood and then up the frame next to the windshield. "My husband would have a fit if I drove anything else. Besides, you'd be surprised how safe this car is, especially with a baby in it. Have a nice day."

She got into the passenger side since the woman obviously thought that Hattie's husband was driving. He was, but one public spectacle was enough for the day. Inside, she got comfortable as he pulled away from the doctor's office and headed for home.

Hattie Jackson
514 Words
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I hadn't accepted a ride from him when I first agreed to meet him. I'd agreed to meet him somewhere, so the rule didn't apply. It just so happened that when I met him, he wasn't a man, either, so the rule still didn't apply.

It was one way to justify it to myself, anyway. I doubt my parents would have been as amused. But the truth is, we had spent so much time talking through email and instant messenger at that point that I thought I knew him anyway. I guess it's a good idea we'd never exchanged photos.

Agreeing to go on that impromptu drive with Kitt wasn't crazy to me. I mean, sure, to someone looking at it objectively- Well, the fact that the car drove itself from California to Colorado looks strange as it is and so the rest is moot. The point is, I didn't think twice. It didn't even dawn on me as I was throwing things into an overnight bag and signing myself out of the SGC that what I was doing was irresponsible or rash. It was just... Kitt.

Even finding out that he was a car didn't make it difficult to talk to him. It was easy to slip into the same back-and-forth I was used to over the internet. I could talk to him about anything, and did. We talked a little bit about the Foundation and a little bit about the SGC but even that was normal. The strangest part wasn't that my best friend outside of the circle of people I'd grown up with was a car. Or, rather, a computer inside a car. The weirdest thing for me? Was that I couldn't hold his hand.

Didn't matter, though. I couldn't stop touching him. It sounds kinkier than it was, I promise. Just resting my hand on the steering wheel or threading it through the door handle to make myself feel comfortable.

It was as I dozing off that I asked if running away in the middle of the night was a 'date'.

I was in love with Kitt, but how do you tell a computer, a car, that you're in love with him? It was the little things. The way he talked to me. The way he was concerned about the work I did. The way he showed off. I'd had a bit of a crush with someone I'd never met while talking to him online. Then? I fell in love with a car.

It only got worse over the next couple of days and talking about it didn't help. It made me ache, the way I wanted to hold him, to tell him how much I wanted to touch him and express what I was feeling. Was it ridiculous? Absolutely. I knew it was, and while I couldn't tell him everything I was feeling, I couldn't help feeling it, either.

Once we got to the beach, though, circumstances changed and for a brief, shining moment... that one day? He was mine to touch, to hold, to kiss. And when he told me he loved me, I knew that I had never loved anyone like I loved him and, more importantly, no one would ever love me like Kitt did. I wanted to stay there, wrapped up in him, forever.

Waking up, finding Kitt in the parking lot... the pain in my chest was physical. It didn't change anything, though. I was his.

I love him. I can't not love him. The way he looks at him is so all-encompassing. The desire, the love, the want, the way he needs me... it's all there. All the time. When I catch him looking at me when he thinks I'm not paying attention... sometimes it makes me catch my breath, and I wonder if I'm worthy of that kind of devotion.

But nothing changes the fact that I'd get in the car all over again, no matter what. I don't care how strange he is.

Hattie Jackson-Knight
Stargate OC
698 Words
OOC: There, T, happy?! :P
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Cam: ... like robbing banks in Venice?
Hattie: Are we going to do that?
Cam: No, but we could watch it. Seriously, the Italian Job is a great movie. ... and Charleze Theron is really hot in it, too.
Hattie: Blondes are definitely more your type. So, party in your room? I'll bring the jello.
Cam: Tell Teal'c to bring popcorn.
Hattie: Mom and Dad?
Cam: Drinks.
Hattie: Great. And you get the floor. No WAY am I sitting in that chair. Your bed is MINE. *a look* No innuendo implied.
Cam: Fine. But no bogarting the popcorn this time.
Hattie: What? *eyes him* Are you denying a pregnant woman movie food?
Cam: Okay, okay. Tell Teal'c to bring some for YOU and for the rest of us.
Hattie: *glares* I hate you.
Cam: What? That way everybody's happy.
Hattie: You act like it's all that WEIRD. It's not. *still glowering* Just stay off my bed.
Cam: You mean MY bed that I'm letting you sit on.
Hattie: Mine for the next three hours. And I won't be sitting, I'm going to be LOUNGING and if you don't want me to con a backrub out of you, hush. *sweet smile*
Cam: Okay, okay.
Hattie: *wheedling and kind of pathetic-like* But seriously? Caaaaaaaaam.... backrub? *hopeful smile*
Cam: What am I, your personal masseuse?
Hattie: *actually bats eyelashes* Oldest and dearest friend. Besides Teal'c. *BEAMS*
Cam: *smiles* Aw, c'mere kiddo.
Hattie: *rolls eyes but scoots over anyway*
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The sun woke her. It was filtering through the sheer curtains on their side of the castle and Hattie gave a small stretch that felt SO good. Opening her eyes slowly, she caught sight of the ceiling first, then turned her head to the side to find a pile of her clothes on the ground. Her eyes widened and she sat up just a little, looking around the room.

From her position on the bed, she could see clothes, obviously wet, on the ground in the bathroom and she turned to look at Kitt laying next to her. Something was wrong, she could feel it.

Placing her hand on her stomach, she felt the baby's reassuring kicks and she nestled up against Kitt. And somewhere in there, she swore she smelled alcohol.

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Your muse has the task of convincing someone to do something or go somewhere that they have already said no to someone else on. Let's see them work some of their magic.

CAM: I don't CARE, I'm not going to see the Sex and the City movie with you. I'm not going with AMY.
HATTIE: I'm not AMY. And I'd do it for you. If there were some goofy movie YOU wanted to see.
CAM: You want to see all the movies I want to see, so that's not fair.
HATTIE: Well, come on! It's not like I even want to see THIS one, but I promised myself that I'd see every movie that came out from May 1 to August 31. It's a QUEST.
CAM: EVERY movie?
HATTIE: ... That gets a C or above from reviewers.
CAM: Just wanted to make sure the hormones hadn't erased your standards.
HATTIE: Well, come on. Sex and the City? But it's part of the QUEST. I wouldn't send YOU on a quest by yourself, you can't send ME on one by MYSELF. And if Teal'c can see Mamma Mia with me? You can TOTALLY see Sex and the City.
CAM: The difference is Teal'c LOVES Abba. I'm ... well, kind of scared of those four chicks.
HATTIE: *deadpan* Grandpa Landry agreed to see 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2'.
CAM: *matches* Did you actually tell him what it was about?
HATTIE: Kind of? I didn't see the first one. But he's a smart man. I'm sure he looked it up.
CAM: Somehow, I doubt it.
HATTIE: So? He said he'd see it. And Dad? Well, Indiana Jones, of course. Mom? X-Files.
CAM: Now that's cheating. They actually LIKE those.
HATTIE: And you might like Sex and the City. I heard that Chris Noth might... ride in an airplane? *winces*
CAM: Well, gosh, why didn't you say so?
HATTIE: *might pout just a little* Look, you do this for me and I won't tell Amy you did it. Our secret. And? I'll throw in Batman, my treat.
CAM: *thinks a moment* ... Okay, fine. BUT you have to go see the next movie I want as you to, no matter what you might think of it.
HATTIE: Deal. *bites lip* Hellboy 2?
CAM: With the arm and ... Come ON, it's gonna be AWESOME
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Your Eyes Should Be Hazel

Your eyes reflect: Intellect and sensuality

What's hidden behind your eyes: Subtle manipulation

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She'd been back on Earth for two weeks and hadn't seen more than several floors of the SGC. No sunlight, no moonlight, no blue skies, grey skies, white fluffy clouds... nothing. The one time she had gone topside had been the middle of the night, unauthorized and the stars hadn't even been out, much less the moon. Just darkness, which meant that the trouble she'd gotten into hadn't even been worth it.

It was beginning to piss her off. )
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Cam: Because I don't want your dad coming after me. Again.
Hattie: Well, if I wasn't pregnant. And wait, what? Again?
Cam: Nevermind.
Hattie: What aren't you saying NOW?
Cam: Nothing!
Hattie: Cameron Mitchell, don't you get avoid-y with me.
Cam: I'm not! Honest.
Hattie: *eyes him* I know you did something.
Cam: I didn't do anything! ... Although if you ask your dad, it's a different story, but I think he just likes to blame me for anything involving you.
Hattie: Oh god. Am I missing something this time? Is it me?
Cam: No, no. It's just ... *does a really bad Daniel impression* "Hattie wants to go out to this place but it's too dangerous, but she said that's what guns are for, and it's YOUR fault."
Hattie: *O.o* Because you're the one that taught me most about guns (well, and then mom) and fighting, he's upset?
Cam: He's overprotective. I guess you can't really blame but ... good God does it get annoying sometimes.
Hattie: If he only knew...
Cam: *looks at her*
Hattie: *innocent* What?
Cam: I don't want to know.
Hattie: Probably not. If it makes you feel better, he wasn't that way before.
Cam: Who, your dad? Do I have to remind you about the time he slugged me?
Hattie: Dad. yeah. He... was understanding, almost. *smiles* That's because he doesn't remember, either.
Cam: Oh, you mean he WON'T always be this way. Well, I should hope by the time he's a grandpa ... *snickers*
Hattie: *shakes head* Don't do that or even MOM won't be able to protect you.
Cam: Aw, who am I kidding. He's gonna stop worrying about you and start worrying about Optimus Prime that kid of yours.
Hattie: Stop worrying about me? I wish my insta-age came with that switch. *wry* When are YOU going to stop worrying?
Cam: ... *trying to be all cool about it* Who says I worry now?
Hattie: You don't? About that time I got shot...
Cam: ... okay, I MAY have worried then.
Hattie: *smug smile to herself* You worry.
Cam: ... so do you.
Hattie: *maybe just a lil defensive* ... yeah? So?
Cam: *smug* Nothin'. Just nice to know you care.
Hattie: *makes a face and slugs him in his arm* Ugh. You.
Cam: Hey, no fair. You know I'm not gonna hit you back!
Hattie: I know! *laughs*
Cam: *tries not to rub his arm, because ... ow. But he's gotta look cool.* You're such a brat sometimes. *really dramatic sigh*
Hattie: *crinkles her nose and points* And you're a drama queen!
Cam: You take that back!
Hattie: Make me! I'm too old to spank.
Cam: *ahems* Is that what you tell KITT?
Hattie: As if I'd tell you! Besides, to be fair? *smirks* It's not what I told you before.
Cam: *makes a face* Okay, I know that technically it WAS ... will be ... me. But ... TMI.
Hattie: WON'T be you. Not anymore. *shrugs* Which is why it doesn't hurt to say it. Well- *snickers* Doesn't hurt ME.
Cam: ... *grumbles* I hate you.
Hattie: *teasing* You LOOOOOOOOOVE me. *thinks better of what she just said, nudges him and rests her head on his shoulder* You'd miss me if I weren't here.
Cam: *gives her a little affectionate noogie* Yeah, you've got a point there.
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