Feb. 12th, 2009

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I don't know about this Kyle Reese guy, but disconnecting from pain is a lot easier said than done. Not that it CAN'T be done, it's just not that easy.

Example? Being shot with a zat. You get zatted, you go down. You're out. For how long, it depends, really. Usually a good fifteen minutes, maybe ten if you're Teal'c. Dad's usually the one to get hit with a zat. I don't know why, but people are fond of shooting him with electricity.

But when you wake up? You ache. The amount of voltage that goes through you isn't enough to kill you, not at first. A second hit after the first will kill you. But the first just makes you sore and a bit twitchy. That's experience talking.

Another example would be a staff weapon. Think a massive beam of Goa'uld super laser coming out of a large stick. Yeah, not fun. It's more of a burn than a gunshot, but it hurts more, too. It's not a clean wound and it's larger. It's more painful. And yes, that's experience talking. That's the scar on my right shoulder blade. I miss you, Conner.

Being shot with a gun is no walk in the park. No, I haven't been shot with a gun. But Mom has. And Dad has. And Cam has. And Teal'c has. And to be quite honest, it's not something I'm looking forward to. But each of them has also taken a hit with the previous two methods of "OUCH" and that brings us to the Goa'uld firestick.

Mom and Teal'c.

I don't know about what happened to Teal'c and I don't want to ask. I know Mom died. A lot. I know Ba'al brought her back to life with the sarcophagus. A lot. I know that he beat her and used that firestick on her for four months until she escaped. And I know that that was the reason she wasn't supposed to have kids. Not until that last trip with Nef.

I never asked either of them about disconnecting from the pain. I had a hard enough time limping back through the Gate after a mission where all we had to do was run. Where maybe I got into a fist fight with someone. Being zatted isn't fun. Knocking around a Sodan stick isn't a piece of cake. Getting shot with a staff weapon or a P90 is going to hurt like a sonofabitch.

And when it comes to controlling pain, I'd rather knock back a couple of vicodin than try to disconnect. No offense to Mr. Reese.

Hattie Jackson-Knight
Stargate OC
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PROMPT: Pain can be controlled, you just disconnect it. ~ Kyle Reese, Terminator
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-- Chess
-- Playing the viola
-- Jogging / Working out
-- Long baths followed by naps in our very large bed with the balcony doors open and the breeze blowing
-- Singing to Gideon
-- Traveling
-- Mummies / Ancient Egypt
-- Reading / Studying
-- Anything that's very old that I can study
-- Vanilla Bean ice cream
-- Cherry Coke
-- 1960's / 1970's rock and roll & dancing to it
-- Opera
-- Shiny black cars (and the men that become drive them.

Hattie Jackson-Knight
Stargate OC


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