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Your muse has the task of convincing someone to do something or go somewhere that they have already said no to someone else on. Let's see them work some of their magic.

CAM: I don't CARE, I'm not going to see the Sex and the City movie with you. I'm not going with AMY.
HATTIE: I'm not AMY. And I'd do it for you. If there were some goofy movie YOU wanted to see.
CAM: You want to see all the movies I want to see, so that's not fair.
HATTIE: Well, come on! It's not like I even want to see THIS one, but I promised myself that I'd see every movie that came out from May 1 to August 31. It's a QUEST.
CAM: EVERY movie?
HATTIE: ... That gets a C or above from reviewers.
CAM: Just wanted to make sure the hormones hadn't erased your standards.
HATTIE: Well, come on. Sex and the City? But it's part of the QUEST. I wouldn't send YOU on a quest by yourself, you can't send ME on one by MYSELF. And if Teal'c can see Mamma Mia with me? You can TOTALLY see Sex and the City.
CAM: The difference is Teal'c LOVES Abba. I'm ... well, kind of scared of those four chicks.
HATTIE: *deadpan* Grandpa Landry agreed to see 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2'.
CAM: *matches* Did you actually tell him what it was about?
HATTIE: Kind of? I didn't see the first one. But he's a smart man. I'm sure he looked it up.
CAM: Somehow, I doubt it.
HATTIE: So? He said he'd see it. And Dad? Well, Indiana Jones, of course. Mom? X-Files.
CAM: Now that's cheating. They actually LIKE those.
HATTIE: And you might like Sex and the City. I heard that Chris Noth might... ride in an airplane? *winces*
CAM: Well, gosh, why didn't you say so?
HATTIE: *might pout just a little* Look, you do this for me and I won't tell Amy you did it. Our secret. And? I'll throw in Batman, my treat.
CAM: *thinks a moment* ... Okay, fine. BUT you have to go see the next movie I want as you to, no matter what you might think of it.
HATTIE: Deal. *bites lip* Hellboy 2?
CAM: With the arm and ... Come ON, it's gonna be AWESOME


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