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She's currently in the middle of a three-way and the question catches her off-guard. It's enough for Teal'c to come in and sweep her off her feet. As her back hits the ground, she makes a soft 'oof' sound and she lays there for an extra moment, trying to catch her breath.

Glaring, she stands again, reaching for her Sodan stick, "I really appreciate that, T, thanks."

"You must always remain aware of your surroundings, Hattie Jackson," he responds and she swears that if he WOULD wear the same smirking expression that Cam is, he... well, he would. So, she transfers her glare to Cam and tilts her head, her long ponytail swinging to the side.

"Superpower?" She repeats it, this time completely aware of the two men circling her.

"Yeah, you know. Superpower. Batman, Superman..." When he gets a blank look in return, he stops moving and she smacks him for good measure, sneaking in under his arm, the stick catching him in the sensitive spot just above his ribs. She's pulled it back before he can think to grab it. Now she's wearing the smug look and Teal'c actually give a short laugh. She winks at him. Irritated at the display and at the fact that she got the better of him, Cam asks, "You want to hear this or not?"

Hattie stops moving, too, and holds up a hand. "Okay, okay. We're done. What's Batman?"

"Batman is a superhero of the sixties and-" The next thing Hattie knows, she's getting a rundown of Batman, but not from Cam Mitchell. From Teal'c, which causes her eyes to go wide.

"So, Batman has superpowers?"

Cam has to jump in at that moment, "No, Batman doesn't have superpowers. I was just giving an example as a superhero-"

"But you said Batman had superpowers," Hattie pointed out, more to be onery than anything, leaning on her stick and trying not to smile.

"SUPERMAN. Superman has powers. Like-" And to see Cam screw up his face and think about it for a moment is really one of the funniest things Hattie's seen in a long time. She exchanges a glance with Teal'c and it's all she can do not to break into laughter. "Like, he could fly around the Odyssey really fast and reverse time."

Hattie blinked and gave him a Look. "That's ridiculous."

Cam pointed at her with a knowing smile, "No, it only SOUNDS ridiculous until you hear yourself say 'I am trapped on a spaceship, stuck in a time-dilation field'."

This time Hattie DID laugh and even Teal'c cracked a rare smile. "Indeed."

"I can't think of anything," Hattie finally admitted. "What would I do with superpowers here? I don't need to fly or be invisible. Everything we need is just given to us. We can't really be saved from the outside and on the inside there's nothing TO save."

By the end of her ramble, Cam was just staring at her. "You're too much like your Daddy. Only you two can turn a talk about superheroes into something NOT FUN."

Hattie couldn't help but laugh again.

Hattie Jackson
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Hattie has gotten to the point where she looks back on her youth as a time that perhaps shouldn't be looked back on. After all, in her current state, there is no one to talk to about it.

She misses him. As much as she wants to move forward in her life, she does miss him. So much of her daily life was wrapped up in him that it seems odd to not be able to turn to him for every little thing that goes wrong. She knows now that she became far too dependent on him, probably in a way that wasn't healthy.

When she was very little and upset with her father or some new imposed rule, she'd run to him for comfort. He was always the one person she could talk to that she felt wouldn't judge her. He always listened and helped her see reason in whatever it was that was bothering her.

As she moved into her teen years, she felt no embarrassement whatsoever in going to him with problems that she couldn't go to her father with. Especially after she knew her father was seeing/sleeping with Vala, she didn't feel comfortable going to Vala with what she felt were some of the more intimate details of her life. Not because she didn't like Vala, but because she knew that her father treated Vala as his own confidante and she couldn't risk what she was saying getting back to him. The ship WAS small.

When she realized she had feelings for Cameron Mitchell that extended beyond just the normal 'friendship' or even 'crush', the only person she could talk to was the same person she had told every single detail of her life so far: Teal'c.

Whether it was during a sparring match, a meal, a talk in quarters or even a rare jog (as she usually jogged with Cam), she spent a few hours every day with him. It stood to reason that he knew more about her than anyone else on the ship. Grandpa Landry was deemed too old, Vala was out for reasons already discussed, her dad is an obvious no, Cam was someone she ended up seeing as more than a friend and Carter was someone that Hattie looked up to and worked with. Teal'c was the only choice for a confidant of her own.

She was lucky that, when it came time to reverse time, she got to keep her confidant. Because Teal'c's memories remained intact as well, once they were back at the SGC, she was able to continue to talk to him and really had no use for the SGC psychiatrist (whom she was forced to see).

Unfortunately, this has resulted in her having a hard time in confiding in almost anyone else about her past. She has someone who knows, literally, EVERYTHING about her. From the time she was two years old to her current situation, he's seen her every single day of her life until five months ago. Telling someone new all of that would be tedious and, to Hattie, a waste of time. Most people aren't friends like Teal'c and, she theorizes, not going to stick around anyway.

Then she met Kitt. Who knows a good portion of it and, even though he can't really HELP it, holds her previous actual 'relationship' against her. He doesn't like Cam, even though he's never met him, and she just KNOWS that if she told him about Teal'c it would probably be worse than someone she slept with. Someone who knows every single one of your personal secrets is far more dangerous than someone who knows your body.

Hattie Jackson
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