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The scenery, as usual, was gorgeous. KITT knew all the best driving routes up and down the Coast and Hattie was more than content to watch the mountains on one side and the water on the other. With the windows on the Trans-Am down, the wind kept her from getting too warm and, usually, the company was quite agreeable.

Not today.

"Another one?" It was obvious she was exasperated.

"Yes. In fact, I think that makes the score nine to two," came the smug reply from the voice box.

Hattie narrowed her eyes at the flashing red lights as if she could work out the trick behind KITT's success just by staring at his dashboard. There was no way he should be winning. Well, she conceded none-too-gracefully in her head, winning is one thing. This is a blowout.

"I'll make it up, just wait," she challenged him, settling in and looking back out the window and closing her eyes for a moment.

"I would not be so certain, Hattie. Especially if you're going to sit there with your eyes closed."

Hattie sat up again and this time she opted for glaring at his dash. "Now you're just being a sore winner."

"Is there such a thing?"

"I'll get you," she promised.

Several more miles went by before KITT said, with clear glee in his voice (she could tell, yes. She could.), "Punch buggy."

"What? Where?" Hattie sat up and leaned forward, just as the cute car came around the bend up ahead. Her jaw dropped. "Are you CHEATING?" There was silence from the car. "KITT. Using your scanners to see what's coming is cheating. I can't believe you've been doing that this whole time!"

She couldn't help the indignant laughter that escaped and KITT said, "I do not see how using all the available resources at hand counts as cheating, Hattie."

"Oh, so THAT'S how it's going to be. Well, you just wait and see how I use MY available resources to deny you later tonight." She sat back and crossed her arms over her chest. "Cheating. At PUNCH BUGGY. I can't believe-" And she was laughing again. "You're horrible."

"On the contrary," he said in that same smug tone. "I'm winning."

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A moment passed.



Another moment passed, but this time, she didn't take her eyes off of him. The small smile she knew she had on her face was mimicked on his, and then? He was grinning at her. She broke into a laugh and asked for a third time, "WHAT?!"

He took the step that closed the distance between them and buried his face in her neck while she giggled. She knew exactly 'what' and he knew that. Still, it was one of those moments that has to be savored. That's pondered quietly for long minutes. Unless, of course, you were stuck in an elevator going down thirty floors while being stared at by your new and very attentive husband. Like she was.

"That was our baby."

"I know it was."

"Our son."

She laughed again, struck by a sudden swell of love for the man next to her. "Yes. Our son."

Then he was hugging her again and there was more giggling. Neither one of them noticed the pressure change or the doors opening. Not at first. It wasn't until the man outside cleared his throat that she looked over her shoulder, still half-bent over backwards from where her husband had been nuzzling her throat. Her face flushed and she stood, brushing her maternity shirt over her five-months rounded belly.

Taking his hand, she pulled her husband along with her, his blush matching hers. At the curb, she took both his cheeks in her hands and kissed him sweetly. "I love you. You're going to make an amazing father." There was no sentimentality in her tone, just pure fact. "I know it."

"I'll," he looked around, "I'll go get the car."

She nodded and watched him head toward the underground parking garage. Folding her hands across her stomach, she rubbed gently, her smile softening. Their baby. Their son. He was going to be perfect, just like his father. A woman standing at the curb saw the motion and asked, "Your first?"

Hattie nodded. "Yes."

"Do you know what you're going to have?"

"A boy."

The woman nodded. "Your husband must be thrilled."

Hattie smiled. "He'd be happy with healthy."

Just then, a sleek black car made it's entrance. Hattie's smile turned up a notch. "That's him. Right there."

"Nice car," the woman said. "You'll have to get something more baby-friendly before the big day."

Hattie ran her hand along the hood and then up the frame next to the windshield. "My husband would have a fit if I drove anything else. Besides, you'd be surprised how safe this car is, especially with a baby in it. Have a nice day."

She got into the passenger side since the woman obviously thought that Hattie's husband was driving. He was, but one public spectacle was enough for the day. Inside, she got comfortable as he pulled away from the doctor's office and headed for home.

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B. He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary. - William Faulkner about Ernest Hemingway
Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? - Ernest Hemingway about William Faulkner

"I love you."

There was so much more she wanted to tell him. How long she had loved him, how much she loved him, how deeply she loved him. She just couldn't.

She was fluent in several languages, a couple not even from this planet, and she still could not express to him how long, how much or how deeply she loved him. Worse, she didn't know why.

There was no doubt that she DID love him. Every time he looked at her, spoke to her... every time she so much as thought about him, her heart ached. When he smiled at her, she felt like the only thing in his world and it made her blush. Any coherent thoughts she had would flee from her mind and all she could do was smile back. She wanted to express to him what his smile did to her.

Touching him was something else entirely and she could spend hours trailing her fingers over his skin or through his hair. In bed, she wanted to kiss all of him, delighting in his soft groans and whispers. Every time they came together felt like the first and he'd said it best when he'd said foreplay was sex and that the making love came after. She wanted to tell him that she wanted to make love to him forever.

Being what he was, the touching was a treat in one form and interesting at best in another. She could have sat for hours in his driver's seat, just like when they'd first met, listening to him talk, watching the scenery go by. It was where she'd fallen in love with him, the mind within the machine. There was nowhere she felt safer, even if the only other person she'd tell was her father. The pride she felt in him knowing what he did, what he was, was immense. She wanted to be able to tell him how proud she was of him.

Yet, for some reason, she couldn't. The smile, she guessed, but something prevented her from properly being able to tell Kitt just how she felt all the time. How she wanted to be his, forever. How the jealousy he felt for Cam was so beyond unfounded, she couldn't express that, either. Instead, she had to settle for using small words.

"I love you."

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A 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT.

No. Kidding. REALLY bad joke. Everyone knows he'll be a convertible.

*groans* I can't help it. I really can't. It's Cam's fault. You know, everything is Cam's fault. OH! Except this.

This? This is all Kitt's fault. Hence the car jokes. (Sorry, Kitt.)

Seriously, though? Our children will be gorgeous. I mean, um, child. Our child will be gorgeous. I know he's a 'he' so he'll look just like Kitt. Dark hair and wonderful eyes and I just know that he'll make some woman swoon someday, just like his dad did.

I suppose that because I'm pregnant, I won't have to wonder long what our child will look like. He'll be here soon enough. September feels like it's just around the corner. And then I'll know.

Ford or Pontiac.


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"Kitt?" She didn't wait for a response before she continued. "Play the Vivaldi."

She leaned her head back on the seat, feeling the sun shine heavily through the windows. Taking a deep breath, she tried to relax, but the music, mixed in with the deep rumbling she felt coming from Kitt's engines, drew a deeper response. She shifted in the seat, trying to find a more comfortable position, but the truth was, she was as comfortable as she was going to get.

Shifting again after only a minute only drew a concerned inquiry from Kitt, which she shot down with a shake of her head and a terse, "I'm fine. Just... hot." Always accommodating, the windows rolled down and she smiled at the breeze that blew across her face and ruffled the neckline of her dress and caused her nipples to tighten.

Under the guise of resting her arm on the rest, she brushed a fingertip across the raised nub in her dress and then bit her lip to avoid making any noise. Not even bothering for subtle, she tweaked it to steady the tingling and gave a sigh of satisfaction.

"Are you sure you're all right, Hattie?" Kitt's voice, still the pillar of concern emanated from the voice box and she jumped, afraid she'd been caught.

"I'm fine," she reiterated, a bit more sharply than she intended, her tone laced with a bit of guilt. It took a moment of silence before she gave the small smile of someone who had gotten away with something naughty, even though she hadn't done anything yet.

Her other hand had been resting quietly on her barely rounded stomach, but now, with a mind of it's own (she'd swear), it began traveling south and, just as it reached the hem of her sundress, began moving north again. Only now? The incorrigible thing was taking the hem of her dress with it and, once her hand reached the top of her thighs? Stopped. Just hovered, teasing the soft skin there.

Hattie had no idea that her skin was so sensitive, at least when she touched it. She was well aware of how her body reacted when Kitt touched her. Only at the moment, he couldn't, he was driving. The smile worked it's way across her mouth again and she adjusted on the seat once more, sliding down just a little. With her legs spread in an unladylike manner, she was able to tease the even softer skin of the inside of her thighs and tease she did. The tickling sensation was almost unbearable and, to distract herself, she pinched her nipple with her other hand again, the sharp feeling contrasting deeply with the teasing between her legs.

This time, it was no soft sigh she gave but an actual moan. No hiding it and she gave up all pretense and slid two fingers inside her panties, gasping when her middle finger brushed against her clit. Adjusting in her seat yet again, she rested her right leg against the console, opening her body to her own probing fingers.

With an ease she hadn't thought possible, her middle finger dropped down, slipping into the thick wetness there. A deep thrust and she slid her finger slowly up, coating the entire area. When her finger, slick with arousal, rubbed again against her clit, she gave another moan, this time his name. A soft tap, and she circled it gently before rubbing just a little harder. "Oh, God," she panted.

Repeating the motion, she was soon moving back and forth almost frantically, her mind torn between small, dainty thrusts or eager rubbing along her sensitive lips and tender clit. Her other hand had long since given up her breasts, which were almost too tender with the early stages of her pregnancy to play with consistently, and as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm rise with the tempo of the classical music, she gripped the bottom of the steering wheel... hard.

"God, Kitt-"

Gasping, she clung to the steering wheel, her fingers still working in and out and flicking back and forth. Finally, just as she thought she couldn't stand it any longer, she pressed her body against the seat, her head thrown back against the headrest. "I can't- God..." And then she came, her body spasming and she realized somewhere in her mind that she could feel her muscles clenching around her fingers and wondered vaguely if that's what he felt around his cock when she came with him...

Then she was coming down from the high and removing her hand from her panties. To disguise the motion, she used that hand to push down the hem of her dress as she caught her breath. The interior smelled very much like woman and she closed her eyes hoping against hope that Michael wasn't going to need to go anywhere when they got back.

She removed her hand from the steering wheel with a mumbled, "Sorry," and ran her hand through her hair. "I mean," and cleared her throat. Softly: "Woah."

With no idea where that had all come from, she felt small aftershocks run through her and gave a small smile and felt her cheeks heat. "Kitt?" When he didn't answer right away. "You, um, okay?"
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I've only had two 'partners', as it were. The first, cam, I grew up with. Well, actually, he was already grown. I mean, he was kind of there when I was born, and then I grew up and literally saw him every day from the time I was like, two on. And he just was and I can't remember a day that I didn't love him.

It started when he taught me to play chess. I think I was seven. A few years after that, I started going on his daily jogs with him, he showed me the X-302's in the hangar, that kind of thing. When I hit sixteen, maybe closer to seventeen, he started to come find me for those kinds of things. He'd interrupt the translating I was doing with Dad, always waiting til he'd left of course.

New Year's is when it all boiled it over, right after I'd turned seventeen. That was the first time he kissed me. Nine months later, on my 18th birthday... well.

Anyway, that's how we met. I've just always known him.


As for Kitt, I guess the best way to say we met is off the internet. Chat programs. Of course, I didn't know he was just using me to relieve his boredom in parking lots while waiting for Michael.

I didn't know he was a car, not until he said he'd come to Colorado to meet me. Then he gave me warning I think because he had to.

We went for a drive and talked and when I asked where he'd go if he had the chance? He said the Pacific Coast Highway. I'd never been, so off we went.

I have to interject here that I was crushing on a CAR. A car. I could barely admit it to myself, so there was no way I was going to admit it to um, HIM, but I did manage to ask if we were on a date. Right as I fell asleep. He was such a good sport, putting up with me.

Oh, how things progressed.

Anyway, that's how WE met. What a meeting.

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A little bit pregnant? I've heard people use that phrase and I'm just curious as to what that means, exactly. Because you're either pregnant or you're not. And if you ARE, well... you are. That's all there is to it. Trust me. I know. BELIEVE me. And how do I know?

I'm a little bit pregnant.

Not just any 'a little bit pregnant', but a little bit on the 'odd' side of pregnant. Which, okay, I suppose a lot of women feel a little off, especially at the beginning. Let me tell you, I opted to go on this archaeological dig at the beginning of my pregnancy and while it was amazing and fantastic in terms of knowledge? It was grueling and tiring and absolutely AWFUL when it came to being pregnant.

My father, who was along for the expedition, had just been told I was pregnant AND the special circumstances under which I had found myself in such a... delicate state. In order to go on this little field trip, as allowed by my MOTHER, he had to make sure I was taking care of myself properly. She's a little protective. The 'properly' included taking a doctor with me, constant drinking of water and while being in Egypt generally means that water is a good thing, when you realize that you're starting to have to use the bathroom more often and can no longer sit for hours studying heiroglyphs? It's a little irritating.

Of course, that doesn't take into account the um, morning sickness. Now, I didn't tell Kitt because it wasn't THAT bad. I was gone a total of ten weeks, but for two of them, I could barely move. It was THAT. BAD. My father thought he was going to have to explain to my mother why something horrible had happened and threatened the doctor loudly and often, while flailing and cleaning his glasses obsessively. The DOCTOR, for all he was doing, had to explain to my father (who had missed the first six months of my mother's pregnancy with ME) that it was more or less normal, while apologizing for the way I was feeling. And, truthfully? It wasn't HIS fault.

It was Kitt's.

Which is why I didn't tell him. Because then I'd have to admit how I laid in bed for two weeks swearing that if I lived through it, I was going to get through his MBS and do some serious damage.

Live I did, and by the time my trip was over, I was feeling wonderful and kinda sexy. Plus, I'd missed Kitt and was no longer 'a little bit pregnant'. I just was.


By a car.

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