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Any change, any loss, does not make us victims. Others can shake you, surprise you, disappoint you, but they can't prevent you from acting, from taking the situation you're presented with and moving on. No matter where you are in life, no matter what your situation, you can always do something. You always have a choice and the choice can be power.
- John Donne


"The answer is no, Hattie, and that's final."

Daniel Jackson's voice was the same irritating matter-of-fact tone he'd always taken when he'd found a new translation that he was certain was correct. The only difference was that this one had the added 'Dad' filter thrown in and Hattie had to grit her teeth to keep her temper.

"You can't make that kind of decision for me," she pointed out. "I'm not a kid any more."

It was a harsh point of contention between them. THE point of contention, as it were. True, he'd seen her grow up. He'd educated her in all the finer points of literature, math, science and more, not to mention the pick-ups she'd had from Sam and Landry, Teal'c and Cam. He wanted her to go back so that her mother could experience all those things with her, too.

He wanted her to have a normal childhood. She knew this. Just as he knew that she considered what she'd lived and breathed to be perfect. Living eighteen years in .08 of a second was fine to her. It was what she had known. Exploring the Ancient database had given her a different kind of education, but one that was rounded, nonetheless. She had no doubt that she would pass any college entrance exam upon returning to Earth.

They were all going back, that much was fact. Teal'c had been chosen to stay old since he had so many years on the rest of them due to his previous symbiote and current Tretonin use. The only remaining question was Hattie.

She was fighting tooth and nail to get to stay old.

"You'd take your childhood, watching you grow up into the beautiful woman you are, from your mother?" It wasn't a new argument, not all on it's own. The 'watching you grow up into what you are now' bit was, and Hattie was prepared.

"Dad. Who's to say I'd be the person I am now if I grew up on Earth? I wouldn't know half the things I do now, I would have had to suffer through public education, I wouldn't have unlimited access to galactic information and-" She sighed. "You'd take my childhood from me? All the Christmases, the birthday's, the... the LEARNING, everything that makes me ME from me, now?"

Hattie was dangerously close to crying.

"I wouldn't remember, honey," Daniel pointed out, taking off his glasses to wipe at his own eyes. "I won't remember any of that."

Shaking her head as she lowered it into her hands, she felt the tears come. "I can't have my life taken from me, Dad. Please. You have a life to go back to, I'll just go back to diapers and never knowing the awesome things I have and it feels like such a loss."

"Even if you never knew it was a loss?"

She just nodded. There were things they never talked about, things she hadn't told him about. Things he might have known about, but things they'd never actually discussed. And it was heartbreaking to know that all of it would be gone, too, with no one to remember how wonderful and beautiful it had been.

Quietly, her dad spoke again. "He wouldn't remember, either."

"All part of the tragedy, Dad," she said as she stood. He could make the decision, but she had to decide how she'd react. She wouldn't become a sobbing wreck. Nodding once at him, she left the room, taking a deep breath and heading to the workout room.

Once there, she took her frustrations out on a punching bag until her hands were raw, then winced as she ran them under cold water in her quarters.

"It'll all be for the best," came a voice as her door swished open.

Hattie sighed and looked down, patting at her knuckles with a light blue towel which she tossed into the sink. "Glad to see you're taking it with such a hearty attitude."

"Don't be like that," Cam said, crossing the room and wrapping his arms around her just as she sat, which caused them to tumble onto the bed. "Even if you stayed an adult, I'd forget and treat you horrible like I did in the beginning."

She nodded and rolled into his chest, burying her face there. "I know. I don't want to forget this, Cam, even if I'm the only one who remembers."

Sensing the seriousness of her tone and feeling how tense she was, Cam tightened his grip on her and kissed the top of her head. "Then talk to your dad again, sweetie. Tell him. You always have a choice. And the choice can be power."

"Do you want me to remember, Cam? Or would it be easier if I forgot? Would you rather see me two again?"

"If you remember this," he murmured as he kissed her gently, "and that I love you," he whispered, "I don't care how old either of us are. Talk to your dad."

Hattie nodded, feeling more like she had someone on her side, the one person who mattered. Her dad, for all his good intentions, couldn't prevent her from staying an adult.

When it came time, when the barrier went up, Hattie hugged Teal'c for the moment it took for the ship to explode. The heat, the intense heat, then black nothing-

- as she was shoved to the side with more explosions and she swore she saw a little girl vanish. She lay on the ground, her arms covering her head from the sparks and falling debris until she heard Sam Carter shout they were entering hyperspace. The pull behind her solar plexus gave her pause and then she stood, brushing off her uniform.

The look in her father's eyes as he searched for the toddler he'd been holding onto and the way it changed into one of knowing when he finally caught sight of her was almost heartbreaking. She swallowed and took a step forward. "Hi, Dad."

Hattie Jackson
Stargate OC
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She's currently in the middle of a three-way and the question catches her off-guard. It's enough for Teal'c to come in and sweep her off her feet. As her back hits the ground, she makes a soft 'oof' sound and she lays there for an extra moment, trying to catch her breath.

Glaring, she stands again, reaching for her Sodan stick, "I really appreciate that, T, thanks."

"You must always remain aware of your surroundings, Hattie Jackson," he responds and she swears that if he WOULD wear the same smirking expression that Cam is, he... well, he would. So, she transfers her glare to Cam and tilts her head, her long ponytail swinging to the side.

"Superpower?" She repeats it, this time completely aware of the two men circling her.

"Yeah, you know. Superpower. Batman, Superman..." When he gets a blank look in return, he stops moving and she smacks him for good measure, sneaking in under his arm, the stick catching him in the sensitive spot just above his ribs. She's pulled it back before he can think to grab it. Now she's wearing the smug look and Teal'c actually give a short laugh. She winks at him. Irritated at the display and at the fact that she got the better of him, Cam asks, "You want to hear this or not?"

Hattie stops moving, too, and holds up a hand. "Okay, okay. We're done. What's Batman?"

"Batman is a superhero of the sixties and-" The next thing Hattie knows, she's getting a rundown of Batman, but not from Cam Mitchell. From Teal'c, which causes her eyes to go wide.

"So, Batman has superpowers?"

Cam has to jump in at that moment, "No, Batman doesn't have superpowers. I was just giving an example as a superhero-"

"But you said Batman had superpowers," Hattie pointed out, more to be onery than anything, leaning on her stick and trying not to smile.

"SUPERMAN. Superman has powers. Like-" And to see Cam screw up his face and think about it for a moment is really one of the funniest things Hattie's seen in a long time. She exchanges a glance with Teal'c and it's all she can do not to break into laughter. "Like, he could fly around the Odyssey really fast and reverse time."

Hattie blinked and gave him a Look. "That's ridiculous."

Cam pointed at her with a knowing smile, "No, it only SOUNDS ridiculous until you hear yourself say 'I am trapped on a spaceship, stuck in a time-dilation field'."

This time Hattie DID laugh and even Teal'c cracked a rare smile. "Indeed."

"I can't think of anything," Hattie finally admitted. "What would I do with superpowers here? I don't need to fly or be invisible. Everything we need is just given to us. We can't really be saved from the outside and on the inside there's nothing TO save."

By the end of her ramble, Cam was just staring at her. "You're too much like your Daddy. Only you two can turn a talk about superheroes into something NOT FUN."

Hattie couldn't help but laugh again.

Hattie Jackson
Stargate OC
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"Kitt?" She didn't wait for a response before she continued. "Play the Vivaldi."

She leaned her head back on the seat, feeling the sun shine heavily through the windows. Taking a deep breath, she tried to relax, but the music, mixed in with the deep rumbling she felt coming from Kitt's engines, drew a deeper response. She shifted in the seat, trying to find a more comfortable position, but the truth was, she was as comfortable as she was going to get.

Shifting again after only a minute only drew a concerned inquiry from Kitt, which she shot down with a shake of her head and a terse, "I'm fine. Just... hot." Always accommodating, the windows rolled down and she smiled at the breeze that blew across her face and ruffled the neckline of her dress and caused her nipples to tighten.

Under the guise of resting her arm on the rest, she brushed a fingertip across the raised nub in her dress and then bit her lip to avoid making any noise. Not even bothering for subtle, she tweaked it to steady the tingling and gave a sigh of satisfaction.

"Are you sure you're all right, Hattie?" Kitt's voice, still the pillar of concern emanated from the voice box and she jumped, afraid she'd been caught.

"I'm fine," she reiterated, a bit more sharply than she intended, her tone laced with a bit of guilt. It took a moment of silence before she gave the small smile of someone who had gotten away with something naughty, even though she hadn't done anything yet.

Her other hand had been resting quietly on her barely rounded stomach, but now, with a mind of it's own (she'd swear), it began traveling south and, just as it reached the hem of her sundress, began moving north again. Only now? The incorrigible thing was taking the hem of her dress with it and, once her hand reached the top of her thighs? Stopped. Just hovered, teasing the soft skin there.

Hattie had no idea that her skin was so sensitive, at least when she touched it. She was well aware of how her body reacted when Kitt touched her. Only at the moment, he couldn't, he was driving. The smile worked it's way across her mouth again and she adjusted on the seat once more, sliding down just a little. With her legs spread in an unladylike manner, she was able to tease the even softer skin of the inside of her thighs and tease she did. The tickling sensation was almost unbearable and, to distract herself, she pinched her nipple with her other hand again, the sharp feeling contrasting deeply with the teasing between her legs.

This time, it was no soft sigh she gave but an actual moan. No hiding it and she gave up all pretense and slid two fingers inside her panties, gasping when her middle finger brushed against her clit. Adjusting in her seat yet again, she rested her right leg against the console, opening her body to her own probing fingers.

With an ease she hadn't thought possible, her middle finger dropped down, slipping into the thick wetness there. A deep thrust and she slid her finger slowly up, coating the entire area. When her finger, slick with arousal, rubbed again against her clit, she gave another moan, this time his name. A soft tap, and she circled it gently before rubbing just a little harder. "Oh, God," she panted.

Repeating the motion, she was soon moving back and forth almost frantically, her mind torn between small, dainty thrusts or eager rubbing along her sensitive lips and tender clit. Her other hand had long since given up her breasts, which were almost too tender with the early stages of her pregnancy to play with consistently, and as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm rise with the tempo of the classical music, she gripped the bottom of the steering wheel... hard.

"God, Kitt-"

Gasping, she clung to the steering wheel, her fingers still working in and out and flicking back and forth. Finally, just as she thought she couldn't stand it any longer, she pressed her body against the seat, her head thrown back against the headrest. "I can't- God..." And then she came, her body spasming and she realized somewhere in her mind that she could feel her muscles clenching around her fingers and wondered vaguely if that's what he felt around his cock when she came with him...

Then she was coming down from the high and removing her hand from her panties. To disguise the motion, she used that hand to push down the hem of her dress as she caught her breath. The interior smelled very much like woman and she closed her eyes hoping against hope that Michael wasn't going to need to go anywhere when they got back.

She removed her hand from the steering wheel with a mumbled, "Sorry," and ran her hand through her hair. "I mean," and cleared her throat. Softly: "Woah."

With no idea where that had all come from, she felt small aftershocks run through her and gave a small smile and felt her cheeks heat. "Kitt?" When he didn't answer right away. "You, um, okay?"


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