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Cam: ... like robbing banks in Venice?
Hattie: Are we going to do that?
Cam: No, but we could watch it. Seriously, the Italian Job is a great movie. ... and Charleze Theron is really hot in it, too.
Hattie: Blondes are definitely more your type. So, party in your room? I'll bring the jello.
Cam: Tell Teal'c to bring popcorn.
Hattie: Mom and Dad?
Cam: Drinks.
Hattie: Great. And you get the floor. No WAY am I sitting in that chair. Your bed is MINE. *a look* No innuendo implied.
Cam: Fine. But no bogarting the popcorn this time.
Hattie: What? *eyes him* Are you denying a pregnant woman movie food?
Cam: Okay, okay. Tell Teal'c to bring some for YOU and for the rest of us.
Hattie: *glares* I hate you.
Cam: What? That way everybody's happy.
Hattie: You act like it's all that WEIRD. It's not. *still glowering* Just stay off my bed.
Cam: You mean MY bed that I'm letting you sit on.
Hattie: Mine for the next three hours. And I won't be sitting, I'm going to be LOUNGING and if you don't want me to con a backrub out of you, hush. *sweet smile*
Cam: Okay, okay.
Hattie: *wheedling and kind of pathetic-like* But seriously? Caaaaaaaaam.... backrub? *hopeful smile*
Cam: What am I, your personal masseuse?
Hattie: *actually bats eyelashes* Oldest and dearest friend. Besides Teal'c. *BEAMS*
Cam: *smiles* Aw, c'mere kiddo.
Hattie: *rolls eyes but scoots over anyway*
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Cam: Because I don't want your dad coming after me. Again.
Hattie: Well, if I wasn't pregnant. And wait, what? Again?
Cam: Nevermind.
Hattie: What aren't you saying NOW?
Cam: Nothing!
Hattie: Cameron Mitchell, don't you get avoid-y with me.
Cam: I'm not! Honest.
Hattie: *eyes him* I know you did something.
Cam: I didn't do anything! ... Although if you ask your dad, it's a different story, but I think he just likes to blame me for anything involving you.
Hattie: Oh god. Am I missing something this time? Is it me?
Cam: No, no. It's just ... *does a really bad Daniel impression* "Hattie wants to go out to this place but it's too dangerous, but she said that's what guns are for, and it's YOUR fault."
Hattie: *O.o* Because you're the one that taught me most about guns (well, and then mom) and fighting, he's upset?
Cam: He's overprotective. I guess you can't really blame but ... good God does it get annoying sometimes.
Hattie: If he only knew...
Cam: *looks at her*
Hattie: *innocent* What?
Cam: I don't want to know.
Hattie: Probably not. If it makes you feel better, he wasn't that way before.
Cam: Who, your dad? Do I have to remind you about the time he slugged me?
Hattie: Dad. yeah. He... was understanding, almost. *smiles* That's because he doesn't remember, either.
Cam: Oh, you mean he WON'T always be this way. Well, I should hope by the time he's a grandpa ... *snickers*
Hattie: *shakes head* Don't do that or even MOM won't be able to protect you.
Cam: Aw, who am I kidding. He's gonna stop worrying about you and start worrying about Optimus Prime that kid of yours.
Hattie: Stop worrying about me? I wish my insta-age came with that switch. *wry* When are YOU going to stop worrying?
Cam: ... *trying to be all cool about it* Who says I worry now?
Hattie: You don't? About that time I got shot...
Cam: ... okay, I MAY have worried then.
Hattie: *smug smile to herself* You worry.
Cam: ... so do you.
Hattie: *maybe just a lil defensive* ... yeah? So?
Cam: *smug* Nothin'. Just nice to know you care.
Hattie: *makes a face and slugs him in his arm* Ugh. You.
Cam: Hey, no fair. You know I'm not gonna hit you back!
Hattie: I know! *laughs*
Cam: *tries not to rub his arm, because ... ow. But he's gotta look cool.* You're such a brat sometimes. *really dramatic sigh*
Hattie: *crinkles her nose and points* And you're a drama queen!
Cam: You take that back!
Hattie: Make me! I'm too old to spank.
Cam: *ahems* Is that what you tell KITT?
Hattie: As if I'd tell you! Besides, to be fair? *smirks* It's not what I told you before.
Cam: *makes a face* Okay, I know that technically it WAS ... will be ... me. But ... TMI.
Hattie: WON'T be you. Not anymore. *shrugs* Which is why it doesn't hurt to say it. Well- *snickers* Doesn't hurt ME.
Cam: ... *grumbles* I hate you.
Hattie: *teasing* You LOOOOOOOOOVE me. *thinks better of what she just said, nudges him and rests her head on his shoulder* You'd miss me if I weren't here.
Cam: *gives her a little affectionate noogie* Yeah, you've got a point there.
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Cam: Just a little girl!
Teal'c:: *pats Cam's head* Your feelings are only natural, Colonel Mitchell. In time, they will pass. *wise and knowing smirk*
Hattie:: Flailing is not new to you, you know. *pats Cam's head... thinks better of it and pats his arm instead*
Cam: *glares at everyone* I'm being punked, aren't I?
Hattie:: *quietly* No.
Shan:: *goes the way of Daniel*
Daniel:: *still hiding under his rock* Did you bring coffee?
Shan:: Lots. I figured you'd need it. *ducks under* They'll probably talk it through. She's moved on.
Daniel:: Moved on what now?
Hattie:: Me, Dad.
Shan:: Talking to Cam should be easy.
Cam: Yeah, because she remembers everything!
Daniel:: *hunkers down for more translating*
Hattie:: *sighs* I'd rather remember everything than never have experienced it. *shrugs and lifts glass, murmuring into it* It wasn't bad.
Cam: *puffs up his chest a lil bit* Well ... I mean, it couldn't have been.
Hattie:: *raises eyebrows and and looks away for a moment and doesn't say anything*
Cam: Aw, come on. Blink once for yes, twice for no?
Hattie:: Well, that wasn't the ONLY time we- *makes a lil motion with her hand* And not EVERY time was like the first and not EVERY time was- Are you SURE you want to know?
Cam: I'm not lookin' for DETAILS. Just ... you know what, never mind.
Hattie:: You were just... older. It wasn't a BAD thing. *small smile and she makes SURE her parents can't hear* I was never disappointed. *winks*
Cam: *winks and claps* Now THAT'S what I'm talkin 'bout
Hattie:: *actually might have blushed* Yeah, just like that.
Cam: *peers at the Jackson Rock* This never gets mentioned to your folks. Your mom would skewer me.
Hattie:: *makes a girlscout-y handmove* I would never. *eyes wide*
Cam: Good.
Hattie:: *nudges him from the side* We're cool, right?
Cam: *nudges her back* You know it, kiddo.
Hattie:: *closes eyes* Cam? Just.... ugh. *shakes head*
Cam: *smiles, mostly to himself*


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