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It didn't help that she didn't see it coming. It had nothing to do with looking both ways or the fact that traffic was coming from the opposite direction or anything like that. It was just as ordinary, though.

It was the rain.

London, in the springtime, was simply rainy. And though the driver of the other car tried to stop, and though Hattie herself tried to get out of the way, the fact remained that the driver wasn't paying attention and his car wasn't equipped with very good brakes.

When Hattie saw heard the screech, she looked up from her phone and gasped. The step she took to get out of the way put her further into the path of the oncoming car and the next thing she knew, she was staring up at the rain, wetness soaking through her back.

An ambulance was called and people were chattering at her, but she couldn't register much more than the fact that everything was wet and cold. No longer holding her phone, she flexed her fingers toward where she saw it and whimpered one word, "Kitt."


When Kitt's personal assistant got the call from Royal Hope Hospital, she attempted to reach him as he was on his way in to the office himself. "Mr. Knight, your wife was taken to Royal Hope Hospital in London. She's in the emergency room."
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