Feb. 17th, 2009

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I guess Meredith loves me a lot. ♥ MOMEROTP, bb. Icon not on this journal, but thank you!

You has mad skillz, I'm just sayin'. ILU.
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- It started [here], on Valentine's Day, with Hattie's post about pain. It fell into a discussion about finding the Stargate, Kitt's programming and a few (dozen) misunderstandings.

- Because she was in a bit of a snit, Hattie went and posted the [SGC Guide to a Firefight], which Kitt took as a personal dig (and it might have been). The second fight was worse than the first and even the muns can't agree on who threw the first jab. He left.

- After Kitt leaves, Hattie grabs her journal and [doodles thoughts] regarding the Stargate. Then she [writes a journal entry] because Kitt hasn't come home yet and it's 3:30 in the morning and falls asleep in the living room.

- Kitt hasn't come home because he's [found a place to rent in Maine] after checking out London and California first. He doesn't know how long he's going to stay.

- He doesn't come home on February 15th, either, and Hattie [frets]. That night, [she sends a message to Kobie].

- The morning of the 16th dawns and Kitt decides that he's going to check in with Knight Industries. After doing some basic stuff, he goes personal and [checks a few leads on Karr]. The result is disastrous when Karr's virus knocks him out.

- Hattie spends the 16th in [Giza with Kobie and Gideon]. Kobie, after a few hours, finds the Stargate buried beneath the sand near the Pyramid of Khufu. Right about then, he gets notice of the virus that hit Kitt.

- Kitt, on the other hand, has been found by Karr and THAT meeting [does not go well].

- Hattie is going on three days having not heard from Kitt. For someone who hasn't ever had a fight last more than 24 hours in her life? She's on the bothered side.

- Kitt can't get past being called a liability by his wife. Usually the almost!indestructible car is the secret weapon, not the problem. (Also, she may have struck a nerve when she said he didn't know his wife. *ahem*)
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Hattie couldn't deny that she was worried the entire thirty-eight minutes it took her and Kobie to get from Giza to Maine. She didn't care about the clothes she'd left behind in the hotel room, except that Gideon was going to need a new diaper bag.

She didn't care, though. Someone had planted a virus and hurt Kitt and she was not happy. And, if she was going to be completely honest, the thought of trying to fight him with big (and illegal) guns didn't seem so appealing.

When Kobie came to a stop outside some random house in the middle of nowhere, she was out of the Mustang before he could give her any updates. It wasn't like her to go into an unexpected situation unarmed, but she couldn't even remember the last time she'd held a gun. Still, she approached the house with some caution, and, finding the front door unlocked, she pushed it open slowly.



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