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Mar. 5th, 2009 04:59 pm
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[ooc: Hattie's run is concurrent with Kitt's talk with Kobie]

The more she ran, the longer her strides got. She opened herself along to the path that she had been carving over the months through the woods behind their castle house and by the time she broke the tree line again and came out back along Kitt's track, she was breathing really heavily.

She'd woken up after a couple of hours, not even aware that she'd fallen asleep next to him. It was really a testament that she hadn't been sleeping well without him that, as soon as he was there, she fell right to sleep. Almost like all was right in her world - or pretty close to it. And once she'd woken up, she'd felt the need to burn off the rest of the anxiety she'd been feeling, so she'd left him there, changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and dashed off on a slow jog across the back lawn until she'd hit the track in the outward direction.

Now that she was at the end of her five miles, she could feel the burn in her muscles and the need for another shower. Human. She felt human again, and, as she crossed the track, she vaguely wondered if Kitt ever felt the need to go running.

Up the hill that separated the track from the lawn, then over that before she hit the brick driveway and she slowed once again.

Breathing heavy, she pulled open the door and gave the cook a wave before heading upstairs again. Was she nervous? A little. But she felt better, and that helped.
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