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Full Name: Catherine Hatshepsut Jackson-Knight

You like it?: I suppose my parents could have done worse.

Birthdate: October 4, 2006 (yes, really)

Height/Weight: 5'6" and I weigh what I should.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

  • Can you...
    Drive? Yup
    Drive a manual? Yes
    Touch your nose with your tongue? I've never tried.
    Cook? If I have to, which... now I don't.
    Dance? Only for fun and rarely in front of people.
    Sing? Not really, no.
    Sew? Not really, no.
    Speak another language? Nine.

  • Have you ever...
    Eaten sushi? No.
    Been in love? Yes
    Skipped school? Not until I hit the United States again for college.
    Made prank calls? No.
    Done illegal drugs? Um... no.
    Stolen something worth more than? No price given, but the answer would be 'probably'.
    Flashed someone? Yes.
    Been drunk? DRUNK? No. Tipsy, yes.
    Eaten squid? No! Ew.
    Been to New York City? Yes.
    Been to London? Live there now.

  • Favorites...
    Drink: Water.
    Soda: Mountain Dew.
    Food: Lasagne.
    Restaurant: We eat in.
    Color: Dark Green

  • The Last...

    Person to hit you: ... Cam?
    Person you wanted to hit: Kitt.
    Person you hugged: Kitt.
    Person you kissed: Kitt
    Person you wanted to kiss you: Kitt
    Country you've been in: England --> Egypt --> US --> England. In about 18 hours.
    Car you've driven: 2008 Ford Mustang. Shelby Cobra.
    Law you've broken: Not a chance.
    Thing you ate: English muffin
    Thing you drank: Water
    Thing you said: "I love you."
    Book you read: Something trashy.
    Show you watched: I don't watch television.
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