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She woke up alone. Not just alone, but in the chair, slumped over and cold.

The fire had died out some time after she'd written in her journal last and the chair was nothing like her father's big lab chair. No matter how comfy it looked, it just... wasn't.

Unfolding herself and stretched, feeling a cramp start in her leg. Heading out of the living room, she slunk past one of the staff dusting a bookshelf and rubbed the back of her neck as she trudged up the wide staircase. At the top, she gave the maid there a small smile before she pushed open the doors to the bedroom she shared with Kitt.

Their bed was still made from the day before which meant that he hadn't come home. She sighed heavily and pulled her sweater over her head, dumping it on the bed. She crossed the room to the bathroom, pulling the hair rubberband out of her hair and shaking her head just a little.

"Stupid, stubborn man. Car." She glared at her reflection. "Thing."

Reaching over, she turned on the shower, the water turned to hotter than usual and shucked her jeans on the floor of the bathroom. Her bra and panties were next and through it wasn't like her, she thought that maybe, just maybe, she'd leave them there after her shower was over, too.

She talked to herself during her shower, while scrubbing her hair and scrubbing her body, mostly ranting at what had gone wrong during her conversation with Kitt. And maybe she shouldn't have taken the extra-mean dig about him 'knowing' his wife, but... well, okay. She had no defense for that. But he? HE'D LEFT! And he hadn't come home.

After her shower, she stepped over her clothes and wrapped herself in a bathrobe before finally deciding that another sweater and jeans outfit would do. It seemed appropriate that wrapping herself up and taking care of herself was what she wanted to do. Then she went into the nursery.

Spending the morning with Gideon made time fly. And when she put him down for his afternoon nap and went to go lay down herself, she finally looked at the clock.


Kitt still wasn't home. She didn't want to ask if anyone had heard from him, but finally caved and sent a message to Kobie.

Then she curled up on their bed and took a nap.


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