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[after Kitt has left]

Hattie stomped her way upstairs and into their bedroom, looking around the spacious room with anger. Why she suddenly hated the room, she wasn't sure, but she did. She hated it. Maybe it was the color scheme, maybe it was the fabrics. Maybe she'd spent too much time in it recently. Whatever it was, she didn't want to be in it any longer, so she changed into a pair of jeans and a huge sweater that hung almost to her knees.

She pulled open her nightstand drawer and yanked out her journal, a huge massive notebook that she'd been keeping notes in from the time they'd arrived in the whole 'new world' bit. It chronicled everything she could remember about being there... and not. Maybe, she thought, just maybe her dig at Kitt about knowing his wife had been a bit low. And then? She didn't care again and grabbed her set of pens out of the drawer, too. She wasn't one to just journal in one color. It made it boring. Instead, she doodled as she thought, scribbling across margins and pages just to get a few thoughts about a single subject down.

Going into the formal living room, she curled up in the large cushioned chair there next to the fireplace and started thinking...

It wasn't that she didn't think Kitt couldn't measure up. It wasn't that at all. She just wondered if he COULD kill someone if his own life depended on it. If HER life depended on it. And if he could, did she want to be the one to make him defy his programming?

Not every place they went to was hostile. But she couldn't just roll up in a car, either. Most places were under-developed and stuck in medieval times. It would be a foreign concept to them and since most of them were afraid of the Stargate anyway, seeing KITT at his most glorious (and she scribbled hard "EGO") would hardly be the best thing to keep tensions from getting high.

She hadn't lied, though. She would be more than happy staying right there on Earth. With him. With Gideon. She had to know, though, if it was there. If, after all this time, the Stargate was really there. After all, the only reason they'd moved it from Egypt in the first place was to keep it from the Nazis. If it had never been dug up, then that threat never existed.

The whole thing gave her a headache. Fighting with Kitt made her sick. And so she jotted notes and she drew what she remembered from studying the Ancient database. She filled three pages of hr notebook before she flipped back to the first and read it over.

Landing pads for alien spaceships.

"Oh, Dad. No wonder people thought you were crazy."

She put her head back on the headrest and closed her eyes. Finally, she gave in, curled up and slept there, in the chair. Her dreams were filled with memories of training and fighting and even the occasional X-302 flight with Cam. There was no way that, even if she (they) did manage to find the Stargate, that they'd be able to do a fraction of the stuff that the SGC had.

It had been a stupid thought.
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